Declan O'Neill QFA, RPA

Corporate Planning


Ensuring the financial stability of your business in the event of untimely death or sudden serious illness of a partner, company director and key employee is paramount.

Keyperson Insurance

Insure your key personnel to ensure your business can sustain their absence in the event of Serious Illness or Untimely.

Co- Directors / Partnership Insurance

This insurance is put in place to aid the business or company in continuing to trade in case of the untimely death of one partner. This ensures that the family of the deceased is taking care of financially. It also protects the business or company financially.

Exit Planning

Business owners work very hard throughout their business life to ensure the viability of the business but they often forget to plan for their exit/retirement from their business. With careful planning a business owner can retire with a large tax free lump sum with which to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up.